PART ONE: PAIN(T) (1974)

Rhoda arrives in Potatoland to try to gain fame as a great artist. Upon meeting Eleanor, the leading paintress of the day, Rhoda realizes that to replace her in the public’s eye will be a difficult task.

11 - 16 March

Production photography by Ali Wright

‪‘Weird. Inappropriate. Bewildering. Inspired. Elaborate. Stunning.’‬

Everything Theatre


'Quite stunningly unforgettable, mesmerising and incomparably bizarre.'

The Spy In The Stalls

‘Evokes Rembrandt in uncomfortable Goya-esque shadows... a thrilling trippy, rich vaudeville spectacle.’ 


'Immaculate attention to detail, endlessly creative staging ideas, and hysterical comedy. Seventy minutes of utter madness which will challenge everything you thought you knew about theatre.'

The Prickle


Five mysterious shamans have gathered around a long table and sit listening to the disembodied voice of God. He laments the inefficacy of communication and the inability to say what he truly means.

1 - 6 July


A radical work of art that tells you more than any possible news bulletin about the secret forces in the depths of our lived experience. Combining filmed footage and live stage action, five lost souls wander through an other worldly landscape surrounded by stuffed donkeys.

2 - 7 December